Microsoft surface 3 or GPD Win?

If someone want to buy a Windows 10 portable notebook users, I believe most of people will consider to choose Microsoft surface 3. Stop, maybe you should pay attention to GPD Win before buying. 10.8-inch Surface 3 is really very small. But it isn’t the  best choice. Perhaps after understanding the advantages of GPD WIN Pocket Notebook, you will  have a different choice.

Microsoft Surface 3 have sale for a long time. 2 GB RAM+64 GB capacity is more than $400 us dollar. 4 GB RAM+128 GB capacity is more than $500 us dollar.


GPD Win is a laptop fitting in your pocket, just only 5.5 inch. The design is very novelty and avant-garde, not only add QWERTY keyboard, but also join the handle.


In the pass, there is only Android system handheld. Now, from this year GPD Win appear. Thought Intel Atom x7-Z8750 processor and Windows 10 system pocket laptop, you could say it is a portable notebook. At the same time, thought the from the perspective of its integrated handle, we should call it game or handheld largely.


In such a small device to integrate the full keyboard + handle, but also add the active cooling design. Could you imagine the design process? If you want to know how amazing about this handheld, you could buy one have a try. I believe it shouldn’t let you feel disappointed.