How to set up the game streaming?

This is a guide on how to setup a nice game streaming solution from your GPD WIN( the original post is from Dingoonity.)
Some of you might wonder what's useful about doing this?I spend most of my time at my main desk. I have there 2 screens (dual display) and a keyboard and mouse. Those are hooked up to my PC (obviously). Now imagine you want to play a game on the GPD WIN. You can sit at your desk and play with a small screen if you prefer, nothing wrong with that. But I prefer to make the most use of my screens when they are there and I'm in a comfortable position to do it. I have Team Viewer installed on my GPD WIN, the device is sitting in clamshell mode with the power plugged and I'm connecting to it via Team Viewer to do windows tasks like file management, settings, browsing, etc.With games that are primarily click based and don't play well with gamepad controls (e.g. Age of Empires or Civ 5) I really prefer to use a normal keyboard and mouse vs a joystick mouse. Not sure on other peoples preferences regarding that. A big screen helps too.Another thing is the continuity of games. If you are playing on the WIN you can move to the big screen with 1 click after finishing this guide.It has a HDMI Port so just use that…?This would be 50% the acceptable solution except that HDMI is not perfect for the below reasons:

  • In single display mode the fan turns off on the GPD WIN because it's linked to the backlight power, some games refuse to work properly in duplicated display mode
  • Games running at lower resolutions show up (on my monitor) as a centered tiny box, which isn't really nice
  • Each time you want to play a game off your WIN on the big screen you need to fumble about with connecting HDMI cable, changing input on monitor, connecting USB hub and switching over keyboard and mouse
  • I had issues where sound would just stop coming out of the HDMI and couldn't track it down
  • For some people the above is ok, many people probably wouldn't think about the possibility to stream games right from the GPD WIN, so here's a guide on how I did it and got it working perfectly.What you'll get by the end of thisYou'll have Steam on your GPD WIN, a list of your games in it, and Steam on your PC/Mac with a list of your WIN's games. When you want to play a game on your PC/Mac you double click the game from the list and thats it. You are playing right off your GPD WIN without even noticing it.Step 1 – Install Steam on your GPD WINPretty sure many already have it installed but if not you should install it now.Step 2 – Install games AND add any non-steam gamesThe key point here is to add non-steam games to your steam list. This includes emulators or any .exe file really. Go ahead and do that using the options at the bottom right of the Library page.Step 3 – Configure streaming on the GPD WINOpen Steam settings, select In-Home streaming from the left, and make sure Enable Streaming box is checked. That's basically all you need to do for the basic part to work!Step 4 – On your PC/MacDo step 3 on it, and you should see your WIN's games added to your existing list of games.That's the basics done, now you should be able to launch your GPD WIN's games and play them in a native window on your PC/Mac over wifi. For best settings set up your GPD's screen to not turn off when you close the lid, and leave your GPD WIN in clamshell on the side of your desk. You should not need to touch it at all.Fixing the audio issuesYou might have noticed (like I did, or it's just me) that there's no audio on the stream. This is because for some reason the steaming software mutes the built in speakers, then fails to capture any system audio because its muted….. pretty stupid in my opinion, but if you press the VOL keys on the WIN's keyboard you'll unmute and notice that sound comes out of both places: the speakers AND the stream. I didn't want that because there was a tiny bit of delay.The fix for this one is a bit long but I figured it out last night. Download VB-Audio Cable from here's a free program which creates a virtual sound card on your device. What we'll do is set the default sound device to be this one when we stream. That way the speakers will not play sound but we still get sound on the stream.Download, install, restart windows. Check your sound playback devices and you should have a new one called CABLE Input. Switch it to the default and try to stream a game again, you should get perfect sound on the stream and no sound on the speakers. Now all you have to do is switch input device when you want to stream, then switch it back to play on the speakers.Automating the switch of sound deviceI'm a lazy guy and having to switch the sound input every time would be a real pain for me. So I created an AutoHotKey script which does the whole thing for you! It took a long time to get this working but the script is here:'s a quick overview of what it does: This runs an infinite loop which checks if the steam_monitor.exe process is running. This process only runs when a game is being streamed. So we use that to our advantage to make an automatic toggle which uses a small utility called nircmd to change the default sound input device between the CABLE Input and Speakers, totally auto! If the process is running switch to CABLE Input, if it's not switch back to Speakers.Download AutoHotKey and nircmd AutoHotKey and put both nircmd exe files into Windows/System32 folder. This is so you don't have to specify a direct path when running it from the script.Next download the pastebin and save it as StreamAudioFix.ahk and put it in a folder in Documents or wherever you want. Make a shortcut on the desktop and put it in the Windows startup folder (found in the start menu) then delete the shortcut off the desktop. This makes sure the script runs on windows startup.To test that it works you can run the script now, nothing will happen but you will get a systray icon where you can exit the script. Make sure its running and open a game on the GPD WIN. Sound should be coming out of the speakers. Now while that game is still running, go and try to stream the same game on the PC/Mac, and the stream should start and the sound device should switch automatically.Couple of notes: make sure to use a good wifi like 5GHz, and there be slightly lower performance with higher end games.Hope you enjoy your new streaming device. If you have any problems I can try to help.
     to your PC or Mac.