How to let GPD Win become a better games console?

In fact, GPD Win is a very excellent games console let so many games feel amazing. However, a Super Gamer who have a GPD win,  he find what things are not quite right with the GPD win itself. If GPD company had got these feedback early, we should have a better device now. But it doesn’t matter, we should been looking forward for the next-generation, like GPD WIN Ⅱ. Who can say GPD WIN Ⅱ can’t become better?






  • AMD Raven Ridge. Dual Core (High Frequency/ High IPC) Good GPU, maybe HBM2.  Anticipate 14-20watt TDP.
  • 720p 7″ LCD (maybe OLED if LG could produce) but most important is to get a display that supports Adaptive Sync (FreeSync) over eDP. Also aim for 120Hz.  It would be ideal if the FreeSync range was 30-120Hz.
  • Make the battery larger overall but thinner. Looking at some batteries 8cm x 13cm x 12mm are 20,000 mAh
  • Put the battery behind the LCD. Yes it would mean the hinge needs to be better to support the weight, but we need a large active heatsink to properly support that TDP
  • The Entire bottom of the device should be devoted to an Active Heatsink + Fan.
  • Make an M.2 slot available for people that want to expand storage and also have storage that can be booted from.
  • 2 Slot should be NVMe capable.
  • Naturally this time have L3 and R3 as working buttons under the analog sticks. Considering that it can be modded onto the GPDwin, there is no reason this can’t be done from the beginning.
  • I’d say remove the D-Input/Mouse Mode/X-input switch. Instead always have X-input.  There are enough software solutions to remap keys however you want.
  • Fix Polling Rate. GPDwin is set at 20hz.  This needs to be much much higher.
  • Potentially have a small touchpad so there is a always a working keyboard/mouse.
  • Make the device slightly larger. Instead of 15.5 cm wide, go to 17cm.
  • Center the keyboard and make the individual keys slightly larger.
  • D-Pad and Face buttons to use the same clicky keys as the keyboard.
  • Pull AIR from the front of the unit and exhaust through the back of the unit.


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