GPD WIN get a high praise –A true gaming PC handheld

On November 6, 2016, we got a high praise about GPD Win from one our American customer. He love GPD Win’s form factor, as a copycat of the Nintendo 3DS clamshell and size the GPD WIN fits great on his pocket. The screen resolution is so good. He feel amazing that GPD Win can run Window 10 so smooth. And the battery life keep very long. Even more, he could use GPD Win play old game.

I ordered mine from Etronixmart. Shipped from Hong Kong to Midwest USA in 9 days. Packaged well. Brand new, had to enter Windows code once at start up (code provided with package). Could not track through Amazon but no problem, was given a DHL tracking number instead. I had to sign for package when delivered, which is nice, package was not left unattended. So far the GPD Win looks and feels like a solid, high quality product, very happy so far. Looking forward to using it.

The GPD WIN box comes with the following items:

– GPD WIN handheld.
– White earphones.
– Adapter with an output of 5.0 V and 2.5 A
– USB type C cable.
– Instruction manual.

I love the form factor of the GPD WIN. As a copycat of the Nintendo 3DS clamshell and size the GPD WIN fits great on your pocket.The screen resolution is nice and sharp. Windows 10 runs beautiful on the GPD WIN. I recommend to use the Tablet mode of Windows 10 and the Big Picture mode of Steam on this handheld.


The battery life is fantastic. More than 8 hours of autonomy on average while I was tweaking my GPD WIN (Downloading and playing games on Steam, Windows Update, testing emulators, etc). The only downside of the size of the battery is the time it takes to the charger to complete a full charge.

And what about the games? You may ask… The short answer is: if the game is old or has a PS3 / XBOX 360 version you can make it run at a decent frame rate on your GPD WIN.This YouTube video was very useful to squeeze the most FPS of my games: The Integrated Graphics Survival Guide (with a Guest from 32Megabytes)

I tested Skyrim and XCOM Enemy Unknown and they run fine on low settings, 720p, the GPD WIN fan at maximum speed and with the Intel HD graphics configured on performance levels.If you want to know more of the GPD WIN on action or how to tweak your games you can search for the following channels con YouTube: The Phawx and LowSpecGamer.