Q:Does the operating system need to pay to activate?

A:No,Cause for the device that below 10.1 inches can be free to use the latest Windows and Office.GDP Win use the genuine Windows 10 system,It will be automatically activated after installation.

Q: Is it possible to upgrade Z8500 into Z8550?

A:Of course.We also want to upgrade Z8500 into Z8550.Due to Z8550 is just listed recently. So it is hard for us to find a stable supplier immediately.But with the increase of Z8550 suppliers in subsequent months,we don’t rule out the possibility of update Z8500 into Z8550.

Q:What kind of games can you play?

A: All of PC games and other kind of games that you can play with Windows 10 system,You can even use VMware Workstion install the Windows 98 or Windows XP play the retro game

Q:When does GPD WIN ship?

A:We expect GPD WIN to begin shipping worldwide in October 2016, and hope it arrives in your hands in November2016! As an early backer, you will get GPD WIN before anyone else in the world.

Q: Are shipping fees included in the prices?

A: Yes, shipping fees are included. And all will shipping by DHL.It may just take 6-8 day then you can receive it.If it is not available by DHL,shipping by Postal Parcel.

Q: What about GPD WIN Firmware / OS Image / Drivers?

A: Reply below one by one:

  • GPD WIN Driver Pack
  • GPD WIN Windows Image *Registration & Baidu Download Tool Required
  • Intel Beta GPU Drivers
  • 20161025 BIOS Revision *Click on (3.1M) at top near center, refresh page if you get an error
    • ALERT: Updating the BIOS can cause the GPD WIN to seemingly be bricked for up to 2-3 minutes. Power cycle it a few times and it should be fine, or plug it in and leave it plugged in for a few minutes. This is a good time to remind you that you update at your own risk! Make 100% sure that the BIOS flashing operation succeeds in ALL STEPS before rebooting your device. It should say “PASS” in huge ASCII letters when you’re done, and each individual step prior should ALSO say ‘PASS’. There are reports of seeing the huge ASCII letters while still having an unsuccessful flash, so make sure you read the text on the screen carefully before closing the window. If it doesn’t properly flash, try again. If it fails during the flash and you reboot the device before completing a successful flash, the device MAY NOT BOOT. Example of BIOS upgrade by /u/Phawx
  • Latest WLAN Drivers (/u/theteapirate!)
  • Intel CherryTrail Series SoC Drivers Usually not needed, don’t install unless required
  • Old Intel GPU Driver – GPD Recommended v10.18.15.4256 Recommended by GPD to mitigate driver crashes. Mixedresults.

Q: What’s  the Common Issues ?

A: Some common issues like below:

  • GPD/Kendy has created a Dingoonity Thread for users to report issues they are having. I recommend users with display driver crashes or bugchecks post their issue in that thread, as most other issues have tentatively achieved resolution at this point.
  • GPD WIN will not power on while plugged in to power via USB-C, instead it only shows battery charge percentage, must be unplugged in order to power on. This can also occur during reboots (e.g., during the Anniversary Edition upgrade cycle).
    • CAUSE KNOWN. BIOS configuration can resolve this. Does not interfere with device charging.
    • Advanced Tab -> System Components -> S5 – Charging Driver -> Disabled (Thanks /u/Phawx!)
  • GPD WIN does not power on, regardless of the number of times you press/hold the power button. Plugging the device in to power will cause the LED to glow either a blue/red/purple color or a blinking red color.
    • CAUSE KNOWN. Charge GPD WIN with original or equivalent 2.5A charger for at least 1-2 hours, then unplug power cable and attempt to power unit on.
  • GPD WIN keyboard stops responding. Rebooting does not restore keyboard functionality. Power/Volume/Etc. buttons still function.
    • CAUSE UNKNOWN. In 2 of 3 known cases, the users had previously opened their GPD WIN devices, so it may be related. In 1 case, keyboard began working again after device had been powered off for several hours.
  • GPD WIN Shuts off unexpectedly, and generates a BugCheck event in the Event Log (eventvwr.exe / System Log). No correlation to thermal events / GPU & CPU seemingly not overheating (60C / 30% GPU Load, 50% CPU Load). Rayman Legends, Tales of Symphonia & MSI Afterburner, Dolphin 5.0 & Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
    • CAUSE UNKNOWN. Bad GPU or chipset driver possible. Potential hardware issue as some users do not have this problem whatsoever out of the box, others have this problem consistently regardless of troubleshooting methods — due to this, software fix seems unlikely (but still possible). Does not appear related to thermal throttling, as it occurs at ~60C.
  • GPD WIN experiences consistent Intel GPU Display Driver crashes and Display Driver restarts.
    • POTENTIAL CAUSE KNOWN. Disabling the rotation awareness driver (kxfusion) has resolved display driver crashes for an amount of individuals, but doesn’t seem to be a ‘silver bullet’, as users are still experiencing crashes after the modification.
    • Note that there are 2x Sensor devices in Device Manager related to the kxfusion rotation awareness functionality, both must be disabled in order to reduce the frequency of the display driver crashes. This may have positive benefit even if you have locked screen rotation.
  • GPD WIN can fail to upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition when not doing clean install, if microSD card is inserted, resulting in BSOD pointing at NTFS.sys. This is not consistently reproducible, many users have had no issues installing W10AE with microSD inserted or from microSD.
    • CAUSE KNOWN. Remove microSD card and re-attempt Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Upgrade. Alternately, use the clean installation method (preferred notably to the upgrade) listed in the FAQ above.
  • (Insert Game Name Here) doesn’t see the Xbox360 controller properly.
    • CAUSE KNOWN. The toggle switch takes a few seconds to take effect, so make sure you’ve switched to Xbox360 mode and waited a few seconds. Additionally, some games and apps only enumerate controllers at launch, so you may need to switch to Xbox360 mode before launching the application.
  • GPD WIN can power down while in sleep mode unexpectedly, e.g., if plugged in to the charger overnight while in sleep mode. It will do this even if it is configured not to hibernate.
    • CAUSE UNKNOWN. No known cause or workaround has been found at present.
  • 5.8Ghz WiFi unusable after clean install and double driver restore, even after using WiFiFix.bat, 2.4Ghz WiFi works fine.
    • CAUSE KNOWN. Updated driver pack resolves this issue. Drivers here.
  • GPD WIN Wireless and Controller stops responding, usually after wake from sleep.
    • CAUSE UNKNOWN. Can be worked around by rebooting computer after the issue occurs.
  • Sound cuts in and out repeatedly, once or twice a second.
    • CAUSE KNOWN. Bad Realtek Codec Drivers installed on clean install using driver pack in some circumstances.
    • Open Device Manager, navigate to Audio Devices, right click the Realtek Audio Codec device, then have Windows check online for an updated driver. Reboot after it installs an updated driver and audio will no longer skip/cut.

Q: What about BIOS Changes for Performance?

A:  Chipset Tab -> North Bridge -> Memory Configuration -> DRAM Speed Grade -> Fast

    • This BIOS setting can be missing from the list on the 10/25/2016 BIOS Revision (and perhaps others) if you have hit F3 to reset the BIOS to optimized defaults and have not yet rebooted since doing so. It will re-appear in the settings list after saving settings and rebooting. No cause is known for this behavior and it does not appear to be 100% consistent.
  • Chipset Tab -> North Bridge -> Intel IGD Configuration -> GFX Boost -> Enabled (Thanks /u/mefaun!)

Q: What about BIOS Changes for Troubleshooting/Thermal?(If you bugcheck/hard shutdown, try these)

A:  Advanced Tab -> CPU Configuration -> CPU Thermal Configuration -> DTS -> Enabled

  1. Chipset Tab -> North Bridge -> Intel IGD Configuration -> IGD Thermal -> Enabled

Q: Do you know about Removable Windows Components ?

A:   Media Features – If you’re installing MPC or any alternate Media Player, you can remove this.

  • Microsoft Print to PDF – If you’re not printing to PDF, you can remove this.
  • Print and Document Services – If you’re not printing from your GPD WIN, you can remove this.
  • Remote Differential Compression API Support – It is highly unlikely you will ever have a need for this, it is only used by a few specific applications. It is generally safe to remove.
  • Work Folders Client – If you’re not synchronizing folders, you can remove this.
  • XPS Services -If you’re not opening/using .XPS documents (you probably aren’t), you can remove this.
  • XPS Viewer – If you’re not opening/using .XPS documents (you probably aren’t), you can remove this.

Q:  How about Windows Cleanup Commands?

A:  Run Disk Cleanup against your C:\, clicking the button to “Clean Up System Files”. This should reclaim ~4GB from a default install, more if you’ve installed updates or experienced a BSOD.

  • Run the following commands to clean your base image, reduce the size of your WinSxS folder, and reclaim other used space:
    • dism /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup /ResetBase
    • powercfg /h off
  • NOTE: The powercfg command listed above disables Hibernation support. If you intend to use Hibernation, you can safely skip that step.
  • Using the above, I was able to get the default install (not clean install) down to approximately 16.0GB used, after the W10 Anniversary edition installation.
    • You probably should do a clean install if you don’t mind the hassle of doing so. You’ll save more space, and based on anecdotal evidence you should have fewer issues overall.