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GPD WIN as a “UMPC, which was revived for the first time in a long time”. Also for UMPC people you do not want the game, game pad will be a useful item that can be used in the mouse instead. The analog pad move the mouse cursor, there is also a selector switch to set the L1 / L2 left-click, right-click the R1 / R2. However, this side is downright If you do not try to use actual, game pad setting remains feel like I have easy-to-use better was set to love in JoyToKey will of.

As far as the photo of the image view and progress, the keyboard is similar to WILLCOM 03, key shape with a climax. If WILLCOM 03 similar key, with the feel of the hardening than pantograph key, I think that it is not realistic to hit the keyboard placed somewhere in the body. Whether it will be Pochipochi with the thumb in the grip style.

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