10 important places need to improve for GPD Win?

GPD Win has leaded  in handheld game console market. It is very  nice but there are many improvements for GPD win. Now show 10 important places need to improve for GPD Win below:

1. Most important change would be to have an active heatsink designed from the beginning.  Because the fan is so far away from the CPU, the heatsink is inefficient.  I’ve managed to improve the heatsink with a shim, but it’s still not ideal.

2.  Abigger battery for x86 is necessary.  I think the best place to put the bigger battery would be behind the LCD because of the following two reasons: ① The battery on the bottom of the case makes the device hot, and when you hold it, it’s noticeably warm in the hands.  So if you put the battery behind the LCD it would only warm up the area that isn’t touched. ② The battery would be able to span the entire space of the LCD instead of just a small portion inside the bottom of the case.

3. Since Intel is no longer making cheap x86, I think the next best bet would be to see if AMD Raven Ridge coming out in 2017 at 14nm would be good.  Nothing Quad core though.  PC games only really use 2 core.  You’re better off with high-frequency and fast single threaded, especially for emulators.  Plus AMD GPU would be superior to Intel Atom GPU.  Definitely try to go for LPDDR4 dual channel.  Even going to 14watt APU from AMD would be okay if the heatsink was designed well from the start.

4. If you use AMD, I would make sure you get a LCD that supports AMD FreeSync, also known as Adaptive Sync.  It’s a free open standard supported, you only need to have eDP 1.2a.

5. The USB-C port should be a full USB-C port.  4-lane support so you can have display port out and USB + power so you can dock the machine.

6. The analog sticks should have R3 + L3 buttons built in.  I.E. they need to work like Play station and Xbox analog sticks where you can click them.

7. The switch mode for D-input/mouse mode/X-input is nice, but I think if you made it X-input only and instead pull a small but full touchpad somewhere on the device, it would be better.

8. Going to a 6.5″ screen would be better (with a smaller border) but keep 720p resolution.  Bigger screen would allow a bigger battery but also keep the battery thin.  If it would be possible to have 20,000mAh battery, I think that would be great.  (But you’d need to have very strong hinges.)

9. Full Speed MicroSD card slot.  The MicroSD card slot on the GPDwin is limited to 40MBs

10. If possible also include a empty M.2 slot so that people could buy a 1TB stick to install in their machine if they wanted and install Windows to that drive.


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